LEGO® Large Playground Brick Box

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  • Includes 2 child LEGO® DUPLO® figures.
  • Features a treehouse with slide, swing area with windmill and a bouncy car ride.
  • Comes with 71 colorful LEGO® DUPLO® pieces, including a spinning windmill, working swing, hinged ladder, 2 slide pieces, bendy spring, wheelbase, door, window, shovel, flag and flowers.
  • Encourage creativity with this versatile set of big bricks.
  • Help your child build and play with their own LEGO® DUPLO® adventure playground.
  • Practice role-play skills and create stories with the LEGO® DUPLO® figures.
  • Store all your LEGO® DUPLO® pieces in the handy storage box.
  • LEGO® DUPLO® products are specially designed to be fun and easy for small hands.
  • Treehouse with slide measures over 7” (20cm) high, 11” (30cm) wide and 5” (13cm) deep.
  • Swing area with windmill measures over 6” (17cm) high, 5” (14cm) wide and 2” (6cm) deep.

Fire your toddler’s imagination with this exciting LEGO® DUPLO® 10864 Large Playground Brick Box, designed to make an adventure playground full of fun features. This brightly colored set includes a spinning windmill, a working swing, 2 slides, a bouncy car ride on a spring and 2 DUPLO figures, so young children can build and rebuild a different playground every time. The packaging also doubles as a handy storage box.
Develop creativity and fine motor skills with a playground theme!

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