LEGO® Creative Fun

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  • Includes a perfect mix of LEGO® bricks and pieces for creating classic toys, including eyes, wheels, windows doors and hinges.
  • Features bright and colorful LEGO® bricks and pieces that allow for open-ended creative play.
  • This construction toy provides 3 levels of building complexity for budding LEGO® builders.
  • Visit for additional building instructions, fun videos, ideas and inspiration.
  • Comes with a brick separator to make building and rebuilding easier.
  • Let creativity grow with LEGO® Classic building sets!
  • This set includes 900 pieces.
  • This LEGO® building set offers an age-appropriate build and play experience for ages 4+

Enjoy endless creativity and fun with the LEGO® Classic 11005 Creative Fun set. Choose from a perfect mix of brightly colored LEGO building bricks and pieces, including eyes, wheels, doors, windows and hinges. Create animals, buildings, vehicles and LEGO models with a hint of nostalgia, including an old-fashioned typewriter and a vintage biplane. This set offers 3 levels of building complexity and makes an excellent starter set for budding LEGO builders. Includes age-appropriate building instructions to help children unlock their creative building skills, with further inspiration available online.
Choose from 900 colorful LEGO pieces to build fun creative toys!

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